About Us

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Carillon Financials Corporation is the developer of Carillon ERP. It was founded in 1990 and the development of Carillon ERP began in 1992. Its first installation was performed in 1994. Carillon brings experience to the marketplace with its expertise in design, development, consulting and use of Know it now® management.

Carillon ERP was designed and developed from the beginning to provide a complete ERP solution, keeping in mind the end user's perspective. It features rich, real-time manufacturing systems. It provides the end user with up-to-the-second information, allowing instant access to business critical information. If you want an online, real-time ERP and CRM to grow as your business grows as well as have the option to enhance the product to meet your business requirements, then Carillon ERP is your solution!  We were ranked among the top ten mid-market ERP solutions by The Journal of Accountancy.

There are Carillon ERP installations throughout the USA, Canada, South Pacific, Hong Kong, Bermuda, Cayman Islands, and Malta.  The database technologies we support are: Microsoft SQL Server, Sybase, IBM DB2 and Oracle.

Our Mission

Carillon's mission is to provide its clients with the functionality they need to have the leading ERP systems in their industry. Our clients need to be able to rely on the accuracy, timeliness, and robust functionality inherent in Carillon ERP, and we will not disappoint them.  Although our goal is to minimize the need for support by making the ERP system reliable, intuitive and easy to use, we  give clients direct access to support management and developers, so the support they receive is exceptional.

Enhancing the Carillon ERP core product to meet our clients' functional business requirements has been Carillon's philosophy since its inception and remains our primary concern.


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