Unlimited Years of History

Eliminating the Need to Purge Your ERP Data

When searching for ERP Software, make sure you understand how many years of history you can retain online. Most ERP systems force you to purge or move your data to an offline status after several years.  There are several significant ramifications when you can’t keep all of your data online:
  • It becomes necessary to print all of your ledgers and journals and store them to provide historical access to information;
  • It severely limits the amount of customer and vendor history that is readily available for reorder purposes;
  • It forces you to create a separate, expensive data warehouse for business intelligence (BI) needs such as trend analysis and other analytics.
Carillon® ERP was designed to allow you to retain unlimited years of data online. In fact, Carillon ERP doesn’t have purge routines because they’re not necessary. Since you can keep unlimited years of history online without purging, your audit trail will always be immediately available.

You can certainly print all of your ledgers and journals as of the end of every period/year and stuff them into a filing cabinet, but there’s no need to. With Carillon ERP, you can print any part of your audit trail (ledgers and journals) as of any period/year in the past at any time.

Carillon ERP is able to store historical data forever. It is currently one of the few accounting software systems that provide this capability. 

Watch this short video now for a more in-depth look at Unlimited Years of History in Carillon ERP. For more information or to schedule a demo, contact sales today at 1-800-739-9933 or at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .



We are very pleased to announce that tomorrow is the 24th anniversary of Carillon Financials Corporation, the developer of Carillon® ERP. On September 20th, 1990 we opened our doors to our clients. We started developing Carillon ERP in 1992, with our first installation performed in 1994. Carillon brings experience to the marketplace with its expertise in design, development, consulting and use of Know it now® management. 

Some of the highlights in our 24 year history include:

·      Carillon ERP installations throughout the USA, Canada, South Pacific, Hong Kong, Bermuda, Cayman Islands, and Malta;

·      Participated in over 50 industry events;

·   Ranked among the top ten mid-market ERP solutions by The Journal of Accountancy.

Today as we start our 25th year, Carillon's mission remains the same: We provide our clients with the functionality they need to streamline their business needs, enhance core product to meet our clients' functional business requirements and give our clients instant access to business critical information. This has been Carillon's philosophy since its inception and will guide our business today and for the days to come.

Thank you for helping us become what we are today. We look forward to growing with you in the future!

transactions           For large companies with multiple entities, entering transactions in order to pay vendors can be a long and drawn out process. In most ERP systems, you must enter separate vouchers (vendor invoices) for each company. Not only is this tedious and time consuming, but it also means that vendors receive several checks from the company on different days and times. It is also typical to have to print separate checks to pay each company voucher, even if all your companies use the same vendor.

            With Carillon ERP, you can reduce transaction time with intercompany transactions. For instance, let’s say you have multiple companies who purchase supplies from the same XYZ Corporation.   You can have each company enter in their vouchers, then pay XYZ Corporation for all companies’ vouchers with one check, from one main account.  Carillon ERP creates all the needed intercompany transactions behind the scenes!  This saves time and cuts down on the checks you have to reconcile.  You can also enter in a bill from a vendor and split it up between multiple companies at the time you enter your voucher.  All intercompany transactions are done automatically.

For more information call: 1-800-739-9933.

The second day of the Wine & Spirits Wholesalers of America 71st Convention & Exposition was a bit slower than the first day.  However, it allowed us to spend more time speaking to people about their company’s software needs.
WSWA BoothThe Wine & Spirits Wholesalers of America 71st Annual Convention & Exposition began yesterday at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas.  Our team proudly represented Carillon at booth 913, excited to show the WSWA crowd what we have to offer.  
You have clients everywhere. With the growing mobile application scene and denser connectivity map, your employees will work from anywhere they have access. Trains, planes, cars, and homes; business is no longer exclusive to the office. For a company that is making that shift from a growing small business to a true midmarket company, it may be the first time you have to combat the threat of viruses, data leaks, and fraud. Here are some basic steps to ensure that when your employees take your client data home, they are not bringing back more than you bargained for.
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