Carillon ERP has 16 tightly integrated functions that make up its core solution. Data entry into any individual function will automatically update the entire system immediately. As soon as your inbound team enters a new prospect into the CRM, employees in the warehouse can check inventory on hand for the prospect, the sales team can close the deal knowledgably, and executives can watch sales pipeline being built all at the same time. The modules listed are options for the standard solution; addition functions are constantly being added based on customer demand. Every time a new module is build or modified for a client, that functionality becomes available to all other clients. Custom Reports is an example of a custom module that was added to Carillon ERP's already robust core. One of our customers was tired of running queries and transferring data between applications. We created a specific solution for them, and now all of our future clients benefit from this function. Want something you don't see here? Let us know!

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