Contact Relationship Management


Carillon ERP is a fully integrated Contact Relationship Management (CRM) solution, so you can manage customer, vendor and employee relationships more efficiently. You have an unlimited number of contacts with multiple look-up possibilities for quick retrieval of information. The system allows you to capture as much or as little information about each contact as you like.

Anywhere in the Carillon ERP system you are working with a person, you are working with a Contact. Anywhere in the Carillon ERP system you are working with a Company, Customer, Ship To, Vendor, or Supplier, you are working with the addresses that can be set up in the Contact Management module. So in addition to setting up contacts at customers, you can also set up contacts at suppliers, vendors, or anywhere else you like. We use Contact Management to record all sales activities with a client, credit and collection activities, as well as all support activities.

For each contact (person) set up, you can track the following information:

  • Name
  • Address (mailing address, physical address and home address)
  • Multiple Phone Numbers
  • Title
  • Anniversary
  • Birthday
  • Overall Comments
  • Email and Web Site Address
  • Whatever you would like in multiple user defined classes

You can assign the contact to:

  • Multiple user-defined mailing lists (which interface with Microsoft Word)
  • Multiple Sales reps
  • Multiple Lead Sources indicating the source of the lead

For each contact you can track:

  • Unlimited Activities with unlimited text
  • Unlimited To Do's with unlimited text
  • Unlimited Documents that have been sent
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