General Ledger

Today’s technology has finally allowed the development of a general ledger with superior functionality, including:
  • Real-time transaction processing
  • Unlimited open years
  • Up to 366 periods per year
  • Elimination of year-end and month-end closing processes
  • Automatic reversing entries
  • Recurring journal entries
  • Account allocations
  • Ability to import journal entries from a tab-delimited ASCII file (like you can create in Microsoft Excel)
  • Three budgets per period, per year, per account. For example, you can have an original, revised, and final budget for every account for every period/year
  • Ability to reprint any portion of your audit trail as of any period in the past at any time
  • OLE links to Microsoft Excel
  • Multi-currency capability
  • Powerful “Drill Down” capability
  • Unlimited companies
  • Unlimited branches/divisions
  • Up to 32 character account numbers with full dynamic masking capabilities
  • Fund accounting capability

Real-time processing is finally here. With Carillon, transactions entered in any module are posted to the General Ledger instantaneously.  Cumbersome posting processes from each of the other modules are no longer necessary.

Month-end and year-end closing processes are no longer necessary.  In fact, there isn’t even a menu option to perform one if you wanted to! Postings to retained earnings for “future years” occurs automatically on a transaction by transaction basis. However, periods can be “soft closed” to prevent any further postings.

But the best part is that you no longer have to print out all of your audit trail reports at month-end or year-end. You can print out any historical ledger or journal as of any prior period at any time.

The creation of comprehensive financial statements has never been so easy. Users design their own financial statements through an OLE link to Microsoft Excel.  The number of financial statements that can be designed and produced is unlimited. Carillon’s powerful financial statement generator package can provide comparisons to previous years and quarters as well as 3D graphs, bar charts and pie charts.  The spreadsheet information can then be sent via OLE to a word processing package, such as Microsoft Word, to create annual reports with ease.

The General Ledger drill down inquiry capability shows period and cumulative balances for every account/period/year that has ever been set up in the General Ledger.  Clicking on a period balance drills all the way to the source document for further detail. At this level, the detail of all the debits and credits posted for this transaction can also be viewed.

Setting up account masks couldn’t be easier. You can design your own account masks to accommodate your companies’ needs with up to fifteen segments.  The financial statement generator also accommodates different account masks for different companies that consolidate into a single financial statement.
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