Carillon’s Payroll module features:
  • Real-Time Transaction Processing
  • Unlimited Companies
  • Unlimited Employees
  • Unlimited Pay Types
  • Unlimited Deductions
  • Unlimited User Definable Tax Jurisdictions
  • Employer and Employee Taxes and Deductions
  • Unlimited Direct Deposit Accounts
  • Multi-Year Employee Drill Down Functionality
  • Automatic Rule-Based Overtime Processing
  • Multiple Years Open at One Time
  • Pre-Tax Deductions
  • Unlimited Employee Addresses
  • Unlimited Hire and Termination Dates
  • W-4 Effectivity and History
  • User Definable Employee Reporting Classes
  • One-Time Pay Adjustments
  • One Time Deductions
Real time processing is finally here with Carillon ERP.  Transactions posted in Payroll update the General Ledger, Time & Billing and Job Cost modules immediately.  Cumbersome posting processes between modules is no longer necessary.  This can save hours of processing time.

Payroll accruals and checks are recalculated “on the fly” whenever you enter a time, any deduction or tax transaction. Carillon doesn’t require any batch posting process before you can view the amount any employee is owed.  It is always available immediately in the Employee drill down window.

This is accomplished through the use of a payroll application process that is designed to run constantly on your database server.  Large installations can use a separate application server to process very large volumes of transaction. Combined with the power of the databases Carillon supports, no job should be too large.

Month-end and year-end closing processes are no longer necessary. In fact, there isn’t even a menu option to perform one if you wanted to!  You can have as many years open at one time as you desire.

But the best part is that you no longer have to print out all of your reports at month-end or year-end before you begin processing the next period.  That’s because you can print out any historical ledger or journal as of any prior period at any time! But you’ll find that usually isn’t necessary due to great online drill down capability.
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