Production Order Processing


With Carillon ERP, companies can have easy access to vital production details including, waste factors, standard and actual yields, and more are accurate and available on-line.

The production order functionality allows for the assembly or disassembly of items. If an item, such as steel, arrives at your company in raw form and will leave in a finished form, the disassembly feature would be needed. The assembly capability can be used if materials will be assembled in a kit or a bundle, such as software tutorials and disks. There may be unlimited line items associated with a production order.

Production orders are entered by location, allowing companies with multiple locations to keep track of production throughout the organization. Labor costs and the cost of goods sold can also be tracked directly to a job in Carillon ERP. Standard and actual yields and waste factors are also accounted for and updated throughout the system.

The actual quantity required to assemble a good is calculated for you in Carillon ERP. The system calculates the actual quantity by taking into account the yield and waste percentages.

Production Order is tightly integrated with Inventory to provide fast, accurate production information and inventory updates.

Once a production order is released and printed, the Available to Sell (ATS) dashboard is automatically increased by the amount of the production order, providing up-to-the-minute inventory information. The cost information of the FIFO layers in Inventory is also immediately updated upon completion of a production order.

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