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Top 5 Reasons to Switch from Microsoft Dynamics GP (Great Plains) to Carillon ERP

  1. Full multi-company, branch, department and warehouse location functionality in a single database with excellent security. Other software cannot match Carillon ERP's multi location capabilities. Even if you are shipping from the fifth warehouse in Baltimore which is the second branch of your sister company, Carillon ERP is right there tracking the transaction and updating the system not matter what level of complexity.
  2. Phenomenal intercompany transaction processing with the system automatically recording the other half of intercompany transactions. Many if our clients have parent companies with smaller companies under them that interact with each other. Carillon ERP can accurately track these transactions, and even automatically generate some of the documentation.
  3. Easy and fast implementation. Carillon ERP prides itself on individual attention to our clients. Because of this, our implementations (and upgrades) are done quickly and efficiently to keep down time minimized.
  4. Excellent financial reporting including consolidations. Our financial reporting capabilities are unrivaled. While other accounting software require add on software to create valuable analytics, Carillon ERP provides that information in our basic package.
  5. Unsurpassed support system. Carillon ERP's unique approach to support is to cut out the automated phone services and key pad maze, and put our clients directly in touch with the developers of the software. 


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