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What is an ERP Package?

Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP is a type of software that integrates external and internal business data. ERP software usually incorporates CRM (Customer Relationship Management), sales, accounting, inventory, and manufacturing data. The goal of this type of software is to streamline the flow of information between the different departments in an organization by having all users input the data into the same system. Carillon's ERP solution includes 16 fully integrated modules that interact second to second, making updated information available throughout the entire business. Many other solutions claim they are "real time" but Carillon ERP is one of the few that actually is.
What do you mean "really real time?"

What is CRM?

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software manages contacts and relationships. It automates, organizes, and synchronizes contacts like vendors, clients, and employees. Carillon's CRM software is integrated into the ERP so information flows from the CRM to other departments (POs, Warehouse, Accounting, Executives, etc.) without rekeying.

How is your real time different from everyone else's real time?

Carillon ERP updates second to second, eliminating the batch processing system most systems use. Because Carillon ERP processes input data immediately, end of month procedure is not the long and arduous process of telling the system to crunch numbers. End of month is as simple as unchecking a box. Other systems claim to be real time, while their system only tells you the information as of last time you updated.

What other products do you have?

While Carillon has a sister company that does consulting work, Carillon ERP is our only product. We focus all our time, energy, and development into this one software. Since the software was created here at Carillon Financials Corp., we know its features and capabilities inside and out. Our 20 plus years in business has created a vast knowledge base that we use to not only provide our clients with an ERP system that meets all of their businesses' needs, but also to find the areas of their businesses that they didn't know or didn't think could be helped by our ERP solution. ERP is all we do, and we do it well.

What other software systems have you replaced?

We have replaced many different types of ERP, CRM, and Accounting software systems. Our competitors include the Microsoft Dynamics Suite, Epicor, Netsuite, Timberline, Syspro, the Sage ERP Suite (formally MAS Suite), and other mid-level ERP software. Companies who have grown tired of hiring costly consultants to fix problems in software and of enduring complicated updates often switch to Carillon ERP for its functionality and simplicity. Carillon ERP's solution has a high level of direct support and customization without hazards and complications.
Top 5 Reasons Great Plains users switch to Carillon ERP

What I do is pretty specific; will Carillon ERP work for my industry?

Carillon has expertise in customizations for any industry. We have beverage distribution customers in American Samoa. We have customers that forge metals in pieces and batches. We have customers who just need our sophisticated General Ledger and Accounts Payable functions. We pride ourselves on having a solution with all of the functions (or only the functions) you want. Industries may be different, but our dedication to make the solution optimally efficient remains constant.
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What is Carillon ERP's "out-of-the-box" solution?

"Out of the box" usually refers to the functions a software system has without any customization. Carillon ERP has 16 modules that are already tightly integrated with one another. Even with the standard Carillon ERP solution, each person will only see the information necessary to their job, all departments receive the benefits of the real-time functionality Carillon ERP is known for, and the company executives get the macro view they need to make decisions.
Full list of Carillon's modules

Does Carillon ERP interface with my Business Intelligence software?

Carillon ERP can interface with any software! The integration is particularly tight with reporting software like SAP's Crystal Reports and Sybase's InfoMaker. Both of these software systems allow you to run in-depth queries. You can easily view and export valuable decision-necessary data from Carillon ERP using these software systems. We also have a custom reporting feature that makes moving data to Microsoft Excel a snap.
Carillon ERP's Custom Reports feature

What if my company changes size?

Carillon ERP does not base licensing fees on number of users. So you can rest assured that if your company grows or shrinks, Carillon will be there to support your team with accurate numbers, prompt customer support, and manageable pricing.
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