Our Solution


20+ years; just 1 product. We've been focused making this one software a total company solution for more than 20 years. Times have changed since 1992 but we are still ranked among the top 10 mid-market ERP packages in the world.

We were one of the first to pioneer mobile ERP solutions in 1997 and are still one of the only ERP packages that eliminates the outdated batching process. Our software is fully integrated package that already includes a multi-functional CRM, Executive Desktop, and reporting capabilities. We are constantly adding new functions to our 16 modules at the request of our clients.

Carillon® ERP is also very excited to announce its certification in Know it now℠ management, an ERP implementation methodology that increases efficiency in a company end to end. The concepts can be applied to any company. The logic, while simple, is revolutionary when applied. Read more about it or download the white paper now.

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