Carillon ERP for Construction

Fully Integrated System to Manage Your Construction Business

A major problem facing today's construction industry is low profit margins due to the breakdown of communication between vendors, suppliers, contractors and clients. This breakdown results in poor visibility of performance and problems and can lead to an increase in redundancy and a decrease in productivity. Achieving seamless communication throughout the entire enterprise can result in a more holistic view of the company. In order to capitalize on your full efficiency, your company must be able to effectively integrate all aspects of its business processes, as well as its business partners. This is where Carillon ERP comes in.

Carillon is an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution that provides real-time integration and support for all the different aspects of your company: Time and Billing, Payroll, Finances, Contact Relationship Management (CRM), Inventory and more. Unlike other industries, construction requires very specific fields and features that typical off-the-shelf ERP systems lack. With Carillon, each window can be customized to provide full functionality and address 100 percent of your company's needs.

For years, Carillon ERP has been trusted in the construction industry to improve customer relations, strengthen supply chain partnerships, increase organizational flexibility, improve the decision-making process and reduce project time and costs. Carillon allows you to simplify, integrate and manage all of your business processes, which can include everything from initial bidding and project management to payroll and client relations.

Complete Visibility

Carillon's ERP software gives you complete visibility of project based resources including assets, inventory, materials and labor.

Time & Billing

Bill your project costs accurately with real-time updates on time, material and expense transactions.

Fully Integrated CRM

If purchasing, marketing and sales are not working closely together in a single integrated system, you may not be able to operate at full capacity or effiency.


Get the information you need at any time, wherever you are with Portal. Whether your at the office or on site, all your data is at your fingertips.


Job Costing

Carillon ERP has very robust, fully integrated Job Costing capabilities. Each job can have:

  • Unlimited sub-jobs
  • Unlimited phases
  • Unlimited tasks

In addition, Carillon ERP can capture all of your expenses using cost codes (category of work performed) and cost types (labor, material, overhead, subcontracting, equipment rental, etc). Carillon supports both Completed Contract and Percentage of Completion jobs, and even calculates Percentage of Completion on a transaction-by-transaction basis.

Job Costing vs. Production Order

If the item you’re making is always 100 percent unique, you will benefit from Carillon’s Job Costing functionality. If the item you make is repetitive, Carillon’s Production Order capabilities are best for you. In Carillon you can use one or both, methods of manufacturing, depending on what makes sense in your environment.

  • Jobs
  • Jobs are commonly used for custom items. Each job can have unlimited sub jobs, phases, tasks, cost codes and cost types. Revenues and costs can be recognized using the Completed Contract or Percentage of Completion methods. Employees, equipment or machines can have unlimited cost of service and billing rates, if applicable.

  • Production Orders
  • Production Orders allow you to take one or more inventory items and turn them into another inventory item with one or more by-products. It also allows you to disassemble an item into other items. Yields are considered when determining the demand for subcomponents. Production orders can also be “closed” multiple times if items are completed over a longer period of time, to provide you with up-to-the-minute status reports.

    Some Specific Functionality for Construction Industry

    Warehouse Management
    • Physical inventory scanning
    • Bin, lot and serial tracking
    • Unlimited inventory stocking locations
    • Track on-hand quantities per location
    • Reason tracking for inventory adjustments
    • Source sales order from multiple locations
    • Fully integrated document imaging
    • Link producer to an item
    • Master item - groups items for historical analysis
    • Multiple units of measure per item
    • Assign industry-specific characteristics to an item
    • Each item can have multiple barcodes and UPCs
    • Item specific unit-of-measure conversions
    Barcode Scanning
    • Improves inventory accuracy
    • Tracks transfer of inventory to other locations
    • Tracks movement of inventory within warehouse (from shelf, to staging area/loading zone, and onto truck)
    • Tracks shipment and delivery of orders
    • Streamlines order entry and point-of-sale processes
    • Simplifies case unpacking and repacking
    • Route scheduling and delivery
    • Supports staging areas and loading zones
    • Pick orders to staging area/loading zone for holding before loading onto truck
    • Scan items from staging area to delivery truck to ensure shipment is correct
    • Print pick tickets, labels, packing slips and bills of lading
    • Supports case unpacking and repacking, including tracking cases with an assortment of repacked items
    • Handles transfers within warehouses, between warehouses, and between bins
    • Coordinates shipments, direct shipments, returns and point-of-sale
    Importing & Receiving
    • Currency tax calculation (if applicable)
    • True multicurrency system
    • Ability to add up to 10 additional costing factors
    • Allocate a cost to a single PO or an entire shipping container
    • Able to have multiple consolidators per container
    • Duty calculations
    Customer Management
    • Fully integrated customer portal
    • Fully integrated Contact Relationship Management (CRM)
    • Rule-based credit checking
    • Compliance tracking
    • Customer-level pricing, discounting, payment and terms
    • Credit approval options
    • Powerful sales order entry capabilities
    Costing & Pricing
    • FIFO, average and standard inventory costing
    • Robust pricing tools allow you to calculate new prices based on cost, bonded cost or other methods
    • Price by customer and by item
    • Unlimited cascading, multitier, date-sensitive price files
    Project Costing
    • Full job costing
    • Full promotional/marketing material costing
    Production & Manufacturing
    • Fully integrated production capabilities
    • Full kitting capability
    • Unlimited levels on bills of material