Top Reasons to Choose Carillon ERP


Unmatched FunctionalityUnmatched Functionality

You won’t find an ERP system with more functionality than Carillon ERP can provide. We can say that because every non-proprietary enhancement made for every client over the past 20 years has been built into the core Carillon ERP software. So the only functionality we don’t have is functionality that no one has asked for in the past 20 years! We love building new functionality into the system for our clients. It’s part of our culture. It’s what makes Carillon the best ERP software available, and it just keeps getting better.

We also severely limit the need for third-party add-ons. For the few third-party add-ons we do support, like fully integrated document imaging, the interfaces are maintained by Carillon. You will never need to worry about problems upgrading to those third-party add-ons. If you hire a reputable independent consultant, they will tell you to expect to only find 80 to 90 percent of the functionality you need. Carillon ERP’s goal is to give you 100 percent of the functionality you need, along with plenty of functionality left over for you to grow into as you use your ERP software. If we don’t have all the functionality you need, we’ll gladly build it into the core system for you. This way, you won’t have any trouble upgrading as new versions of Carillon ERP are released.

Multilingual FunctionalityMultilingual Functionality

Carillon ERP allows you to define as many languages as you want. You can have users working side by side with each of them using a different language. However, the more common use for multilingual functionality is for an organization to create their own language to use with the system. You may have “clients” instead of “customers”, or “parts” instead of “items”. Any word or phrase you see anywhere in the Carillon ERP system can be translated into any other word or phrase. This can even be done user by user, if you desire.

Multicompany FunctionalityMulticompany Functionality

Carillon ERP allows you to have unlimited companies and unlimited branches within a company. Security by company is automatic, so you will never have to log out just to switch the company you want to process or see.

Multicurrency FunctionalityMulticurrency Functionality

Carillon ERP has complete multicurrency capability on a company-by-company basis. Each company may have a different home currency with full support for consolidations.

Intercompany FunctionalityIntercompany Functionality

Any company may process other companies’ payables or receivables and it will automatically create the appropriate intercompany payables and receivables that can easily be eliminated in consolidated financial statements. For example, you can split one vendor invoice amongst multiple companies. You can also have one company write checks to pay other companies’ vendors. Customer invoicing and cash receipts also have full intercompany functionality.


Fully Integrated CRMFully Integrated CRM

To some, the acronym CRM means Customer Relationship Management. Carillon ERP does much more and calls it Contact Relationship Management. For example, it is just as important to track activities with vendors and suppliers as it is with customers. Carillon's ERP software allows you to track activities with all contacts and is designed to be used by everyone in your organization.

Carillon's CRM functionality is also fully integrated with the Carillon ERP software, and has the exact same look and feel as the rest of the system. Anywhere in the system you are referring to a person, the person will be set up in CRM. Even employees are a special kind of contact. Your whole company will benefit by tracking activities with all contacts and management will easily be able to see all the activities associated with any organization in one easy to use window.


Real Time Know it now® ManagementReal Time Know it now® Management

Know it now® management is a process that enables you to maximize knowledge by increasing the availability and accuracy of data and by maintaining a cohesive network within your organization. This management method is embedded in Carillon ERP to optimize the efficiency of your business operations. Unlike other ERP software, which use batch processing, Carillon ERP processes data immediately upon its entry and makes it readily available to access from any device in the system. Most other systems, which take days, weeks, or even months to process data, render the results too outdated to be useful.

Learn more about Know it now® management.


Cloud AccountingCloud Accounting

Carillon ERP had clients with servers in the cloud before it was called the cloud. We allow your server(s) to be on premise, in the cloud, or a mixture. We’re happy to assist with the implementation in any environment. Remote access from any location with an Internet connection is not problematic.

What we don’t do is:

  • Commingle your data with other clients’ data on the same physical server or physical network.
  • Take ownership of your data, your data belongs to you.
  • Make it difficult to access your data outside of the Carillon ERP software.
  • Force you to run your system in a slow, insecure browser environment (except for portals designed for vendors, customers, and employees).
  • Force you to use a particular cloud vendor.


Expert SupportShopping Cart

Carillon ERP is one of the only accounting packages to have its own fully-integrated, real-time, e-commerce site. We don’t have two systems that simply import, export, and duplicate data – Shopping Cart is built into the Carillon system and uses the same database and data.

For your sales team, receiving orders from your customers and entering them into an ERP system can be a nightmare. That’s why Carillon has created an e-commerce site that is part of the Carillon ERP system. For less than the price of a full-time sales representative, you can implement Carillon’s Shopping Cart and help your company reach its selling potential.

Find Out More About Shopping Cart


Expert SupportExpert Support

Carillon ERP was developed in America and all of our support is based in the U.S.A. Every client is given a direct telephone number and email address to their support team which consists of

  • A software developer
  • A quality assurance tester
  • A senior Carillon team member

Not only is your support team the same individuals who designed the software, they are typically the same team who works with you on-site during implementation. Therefore, this team has expert knowledge of Carillon® ERP and how your particular business can use it. This level of support is rare for ERP systems and our most valuable advantage.

Download Expert Support Brochure


Consistent User InterfaceConsistent User Interface

Carillon’s user interface is consistent throughout the entire ERP system. Once a user learns how to navigate one window, they can navigate them all.

Carillon ERP, when run on a Windows platform, is an MDI (Multiple Document Interface) application. This means you can have as many windows open at one time as your workstation will support. It’s common for a salesperson to have a couple Sales Order Entry windows, some CRM windows, and maybe some Customer Drill Down windows all open at the same time. Carillon ERP wants your users to be empowered without having to open multiple copies of the application.


Easy to Implement and UpgradeEasy to Implement and Upgrade

The number one reason companies put off upgrading their ERP software is fear of disruption to business, with 48 percent of companies saying this fear is the reason they are still using a system that no longer satisfies their needs. Carillon has remedied this fear with a high implementation success rate largely due to our ability to adapt our system to each client’s needs and by employing Know it now® management. Our willingness to learn the ins and outs of your business and tailor our ERP software to best meet your business’s needs guarantees a more seamless transition. Your personalized Carillon support team—who is at your disposal before, during, and after implementation—makes it their goal to become experts in your business and are intent on not disrupting its operation.


Historical Data (Unlimited Years of History)Historical Data (Unlimited Years of History)

Existing Carillon ERP clients have never had to purge any of their history. In fact, we’ve never had to write any purge routines for any of our clients. Carillon ERP was designed from the beginning to support huge amounts of data spanning an unlimited number of years. Although some database “tuning” might occasionally be required to maintain performance, you should expect to be able to keep your historical data forever with Carillon ERP.


WebPack Online PortalWebPack Online Portal

WebPack is Carillon ERP’s online portal for employees, customers, vendors and suppliers. It allows these individuals to perform simple, secure and safe information inquiries, thereby minimizing the workload strain on your Accounting, Human Resources, Purchasing and Customer Service departments. Employees can update their personal information and print paystubs, while customers can check their order status and print invoices. Suppliers can see purchasing and payment information. WebPack frees up your staff’s time for more important tasks.


Document ImagingDocument Imaging

Eliminate file cabinets and easily search, store, manage and send documents electronically with fully integrated document imaging through an interface to KwikTag®.