Ditch the Filing Cabinet with Document Imaging

Kwiktag-graphicCarillon ERP software is fully integrated with KwikTag® document imaging software.  Document imaging allows Carillon clients to capture, store, search, and retrieve any type of document throughout their entire enterprise. Regardless of whether the document was mailed, emailed, or saved to a shared location, the document imaging module built into the ERP software allows you to connect important documents to related information and calculations.  Document imaging with Carillon ERP software is as simple as a barcode sticker on the selected document and a single scan that makes the document available throughout the ERP system.
KwikTag® is a sophisiticated enterprise content management solution, which features:

·       Archiving and retention

·       Collaboration management

·       Document indexing

·       Document tagging

·       Multiple document formats

·       OCR functions

·       Version control

Workflow management

 Advantages of the KwikTag® Document Imaging Module:

·       Improve productivity by 20 percent or more
·       Avoid late fees and receive early-pay discounts on invoices
·       Electronic documentation for less printing and saved trees
·       Capture for easier retrieval and reduced storage costs
·       Workflow for improved cash flow, compliance and productivity
·       Case management for complete visibility
·       Maximizing automation for end-to-end efficiency
·       A vendor portal for better relationships
·       Scale the solutions as a whole for access and process improvement throughout your organization

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